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About Us

Where will you find us? Almost in the center of Teplice v Čechách, close to the Benešovo square, Masarykova street No. 11 see map

SOMEX servis spol. s r.o.
Masarykova 11
415 01 Teplice
Czech republic

Id. No.: 499 034 11
VAT Reg. No.: CZ499 034 11


Mobile+420 603 573 580
Sales of metering devices+420 417 577 791
Repair of metering devices+420 417 535 189
Calibration laboratory+420 417 537 405
Fax+420 417 565 995

E-mail address:
Sales of metering
Repair of metering

About the Company

Since 1994, our company has specialised in repairs of meters mainly for machine construction industry including but not limited to length and angle gauges from such manufactures as for example Somet, Mitutoyo, Tesa, Kreplin, Mahr and others see repairs.
In addition to the above referred-to repairs, we provide service for instrument manufactured by the former state enterprise SOMET Teplice such as profile projectors, three coordinate measuring devices XYZ , tool setters SPS and SDJ and coil winders NV 165, 178. Given the long period of time that has lapsed from the discontinuation of the manufacture, we will provide this service until we run out from spare parts, see metering device repairs.
Gradually and in relation to needs of customers, we have developed our accreditation calibration laboratory that currently disposes of inspection and metering devices supplied by Feinmess Suhl, Tesa, Mitutoyo, Carl Zeiss and Trimos designated for the calibration of metering devices see calibration of metering devices.
Another separate programme of the company is the sale of metering devices designed not only for machine construction industry but also for civil engineering and textile industry. Various application gauges from a number of manufacturers can be ordered directly at our address SOMEX servis spol s r.o., Masarykova 11, 415 01 Teplice or via out Internet shop.
If you are interested in tensile force or pressure measuring or measuring of the torque,  we can offer our services even in this area. Since 2006, our company has been active as the authorised importer of the French company Andilog Technologies - a long term manufacturer of force and torque metering systems, see sale of metering devices.
Another activity that is not marginal is the adaptation of existing meters for special metering operations as requested by customers or the manufacture of atypical accessories for above-standard metering operations, see repairs of metering devices.
The enumeration of our services can be closed with the information for the users of automatic sorting machines AVIKO. In addition to servicing and repairs of these automatic machines, we manufacture and supply eddy current probes together with other spare parts needed for the problem free operation these machines, see automatic sorting machines AVIKO.
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